Always has been, always will be. “I don’t judge the person – Mary will back me up on this – because it’s not one judge doing this. It’s two. And we both say the same thing.” Paul said that it was coincidence that the fourth series of the hit show will have no men in the final. “We had an all-male final last year, and an all-women final the year before,” he said. “There’s no difference between male and female bakers. All I’m thinking of are the bakes. It’s by the by what sex the bakers are.” Meanwhile, Ruby, who is studying for a philosophy degree, said that she was not bothered by accusations of favouritism. “It’s easy to brush it off because I know how it was in the tent – and there was no favouritism. It was all very fair so that doesn’t get to me very much,” she said. Publishers are said to be preparing to approach the Essex-born student to write a cookery book, which could lead to her own TV show. Asked whether she thought Paul was a sex symbol, Ruby told student magazine The Tab: “Not for me! Not my thing but, you know, for other people maybe that’s what they go for.” Meanwhile, fellow contestant Frances Quinn, 31, said that the bakers were taking Rescue Remedy, a natural flower solution, to get them through the show.

The only thing thats different between high profile or celebrity divorces is that you have to do all you can to keep your client and the details out of the media. Does timing become more important if youre representing a movie star who has a lot of professional projects theyre dealing with or a media executive who may be about to get that promotion? In those cases its very important that something becomes public at the right time. Often people will wait if they have a new movie thats about to come out or for whatever reason they dont want the media distraction. It doesnt matter to me what the timing is, and Im always happy to work with a manager, a publicist or a business manager to find the best time. What I wont do is work entirely with a persons assistant. Ive had people have their office managers call me up and say, so-and-so is really busy, so just have the papers ready for him to sign. That doesnt work for me. I need to be the one who sits down with a client to figure out what they think or need, no matter how busy they are or how famous their face is, otherwise I wont take the case. Do you have problems where clients, particularly clients with celebrity spouses, go jurisdiction shopping to find a court in a part of the country with laws that favor their position? Yes, but that happens most frequently in sports cases where an athlete is playing in one city or state, but living with their wife and child in another. Sometimes a spouse will relocate to a state like California where theres a good chance shell receive some of the highest child support in the United States. If they do that even though my client is a basketball player in Texas, it immediately raises a red flag. Has the Supreme Courts recent decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act change the way you deal with same-sex break-ups? In some ways. Were still waiting on some clarity on how the federal decisions will impact what happens in California, but the fundamentals remain the same regardless of a clients sexuality.