Hollywood’s Heart Beats for Human Trafficking

Here is a selection of those letters. — Paul Thornton, letters editor A typical reaction was Porter Ranch resident Frances Sikorski’s: “Here we go again. “First people complain about living near an airport; now others complain about living near the Hollywood sign. Were the complainers there before the sign? Probably not. “Take down the sign and I bet their property values would drop. I was born in Hollywood and love the landmark.” Victoria Carlson of Burbank sympathizes with the locals: “I walk dogs in the Beachwood Canyon area. Every day I witness gaggles of tourists who double park or park in red zones and then make the mad dash into the middle of Beachwood Canyon to pose for photographs featuring our iconic Hollywood sign in the background. “Seems a lot of these tourists have little regard for their own safety. It’s all about getting that award-winning shot, after all. “I spend a lot of time in the Beachwood area, so I know how to navigate those twisted, narrow canyon roads. I’m always mindful of other vehicles as well as urban wildlife. (In recent weeks, I’ve had several deer run across the road right in front of me.) “Something definitely needs to be done to protect the safety of tourists and locals alike, as well as preserve our historic hilltop neighborhoods and the parkland surrounding them. There has to be a happy medium somewhere.” Santa Monica resident Bruce R.

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Much more can be done by the entertainment industry to shine a light on the plight of modern slavery and bring to justice those who traffic in human lives. Arreola declares, I’m proud to be among the first members of the Hollywood community to be associated with Redlight Traffic and urge my friends andcolleagues to join in the fight against human trafficking. Caprise Arreola has been a supporter, valued advisor, and team member of Redlight Traffic and The Dignity Gala from its inception. Now, with her help, Redlight Traffic is taking their vision of a world without slavery to the rest of Hollywood and the nation. During the Gala, Redlight Traffic will reveal the state of human trafficking in the U.S. and unveil a new smartphone app, aimed to help members of the public identify victims of trafficking. More information about the program can be found on the event page . Daniel and Madelyn Catullo of The City Drive Entertainment Group learned last week of The Dignity Gala and immediately felt compelled to jump in and help. They are sending four cameras to film the event, record interviews, and create PSAs. We couldnt be more honored to help out the Redlight Traffic team. What they are doing is extremely important, and they are one step ahead of others with both a passionate group of volunteers and innovative technology, says Dan, We look forward to many years of supporting this wonderful team of dedicated individuals and helping them end human sex trafficking. Also supporting the Gala are headliner Demi Lovato and Celebrity Ambassadors Angie Everhart, Masiela Lusha, and Willie Gault. The Dignity Gala will take place Friday, October 18, at The Beverly Hilton. Limited tables and seats are still available, and reservations can be made using The Dignity Gala ticketing site .