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Paris Hilton Paris Hilton is no dummy. Seeing the arrival of electronic dance music years ago while frequenting the globes hottest clubs, she learned how to DJ and is now segueing her skills to high-paying gigs in Ibiza (her residency at the island’s club Amnesia was just renewed for 2014 after selling out this summer) and a new album — her first with Cash Money, expected early next year. our editor recommends Miley Cyrus’ ‘Bangerz’ Streaming a Week Early on iTunes With Lil Wayne guesting on the track Good Time (out on iTunes on Oct. 8), the celebutante-turned-business-mogul, whose global brand includes 50 Paris Hilton retail stores, 16 fragrances and the soon-to-open Paris resort in the Philippines, is taking an urban road well-mined by the likes of Miley Cyrus and newcomer Becky G. PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus’ Most Controversial Moments Indeed, Hilton, whos no stranger to criticism, sees a compatriot in Cyrus and defends the pop star. I love what Miley’s doing, Hilton tells The Hollywood Reporter. She’s unapologetic, she does what she wants and doesn’t care what anyone says. Speaking of Cyrus single We Cant Stop, produced by Mike Will Made It and featured on her new album, Bangerz, Hilton gives it her enthusiastic endorsement. I think it’s really cool when people bring in a hip-hop element and mix it with pop, says Hilton. It makes for a great song. What bonded Hilton to Wayne, whose childhood in New Orleans was the polar opposite of hers in Beverly Hills? He’s just a very nice, down-to-earth person, says Hilton, who had the rapper perform at her 32nd birthday party held in her home earlier this year; Waynes set went for three hours. He’s totally different than what you would think — very smart, interesting, sweet and big-hearted. VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Jokes About VMAs Controversy in New ‘SNL’ Promos Where pop music is concerned, the unexpected is par for the course these days. To wit: The top tracks in the country, both by women and equally hooky — Lordes Royals and Cyrus Wrecking Ball — come from two divergent artists. Hilton says its precisely that diversity that keeps things interesting. I think the Lorde song is really beautiful, EDM is so popular, Mileys music is really fun. People just have a bigger sense of music now. For more of THR’s inteview with Hilton, watch the video below.

Paris Hilton accidentally swears at a DJ on the air

The 32-year-old socialite was promoting her new single, “Good Time,” on North Carolina radio station G105 this week when she let the profanity fly about the DJ behind his back. Unfortunately for Hilton, it turned out she was still on the air. “That guy was a f—ing a—ole, I’m never doing that show again,” Hilton can be heard saying to her publicist on the phone following the interview. “They didn’t even mention the song.” To be fair, the host of Raleigh-Durham radio show “Bob and the Showgram” had asked Hilton about her ten-year-old sex tape with ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon. “A lot of people, Kim Kardashian, couple of other folks too, started with the sex video. You did, too. Do you ever wish you didn’t do that back in the day?” Bob Dumas asked. “Well that was not anything to do with me,” Hilton responded. “I just dated a person who was a very sick man.” Hilton was then asked if she wanted kids or a family before the interview was cut short. But, for some reason, the subsequent conversation between Hilton and her publicist aired. After Hilton’s outburst, her publicist was heard claiming he had already called the show on that “crap” and that he told them twice to mention Hilton’s new song, even though they didn’t. Dumas and his posse could then be heard bursting out laughing in the studio. If that wasn’t enough, yesterday Dumas tweeted to Hilton , “You can paint a turd gold but it’s still a turd!” @YahooOmgCA on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook Pagination

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This transcript is automatically generated Perez Hilton is throwing a party for fans around the world working as an international DJ. Had to have residency all summer long and — — The most famous legendary club in all the world has been pretty apparent for some time Friday so the foam — as well so it’s pretty wild. Thanks in Asia — plain and Hong Kong and Singapore. And then after that something in our name and then going to Jeremy bash Ecuador Mexico. — watch this next phase of her music career with the new single called good time. Modeling assignment he’s the main thing and it and it’s such a fun happy happy time. I’m really proud of it. Several other big names will join her on a full length album due out next year. I’m working on the — — — I hit songs — — — — — Tilting grew up in the spotlight with that’s famous last name at age 32 she’s now expanded her friend to be part of the family is. Had seventeen product lines and working on my sixteen — and — return please send. And I’m also getting — — — — in your opening my first property in the Philippines and an Allah. So it’s really exciting to be following — — let’s just being part of the Hilton family it’s a lot to live up — And I wanted to do something on my talent and be independent I could easily to spend another trust fund can not or can adopt my family and I didn’t want to — that I wanted to get on him. Of course one of her first solo endeavors was the 2003 reality show this simple life. And while many shows have followed her — she admits she only watches one of them.

Paris Hilton 2.0?

The new YMCMB signee dances with a giant robot in her brand-new clip. By Christina Garibaldi (@ChristinaMTV) If there is one thing we learned from Paris Hilton ‘s new music video, “Good Time,” is that the heiress certainly knows how to throw a party. The video, which premiered a day early on Rolling Stone, has Paris flaunting her figure in a barely there bikini as she throws an epic pool-party bash, complete with glow sticks, bottles and a 10-foot-tall robot, otherwise known as Kryoman. “The video is so sexy and so much fun, I really wanted it to be colorful and full of life and my friend Kryoman flew out to be in it and he just makes the video so much fun like spraying all the CO2 canisters,” Hilton recently told MTV News. “He is the party machine basically. I love him. I’ve watched him. He performs with all the biggest DJs around the world, like [David] Guetta, Avicii, Calvin Harris so it was really cool to have him in my video because I know everyone in the dance scene really knows him and just having him part of the party scene is really dope.” Not to be outdone by Kryoman, Cash Money labelmate Lil Wayne appears in the video, which was shot over a span of 24 hours. YMCMB president Birdman chills behind Weezy during his verse. “It was amazing, we had a great time,” Hilton said of shooting the video with Wayne and Birdman. “The set was so much fun, we had so many interesting things happening and I loved all the wardrobe, there were so many gorgeous outfits. It was just a party all day long.” So is the video a true depiction of what it’s like to really party with Paris Hilton?